How to find a therapist that is right for you?

Research has consistently shown that people who have a good relationship with their therapist get the most out of therapy. But figuring out which mental-health provider is the right fit for your personality and needs—not to mention, who’s affordable and available—is a daunting task. Originally posted by Time.

Exercise and Mental Health: Tips from a Talkspace Therapist

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. If our mental health is struggling, our physical health is often impacted, and vice versa. Our physical sleeping habits, eating habits, and exercise regimen have a direct impact on our daily mental health. Exercise in particular can play an important role in maintaining your mental health. […]

The South Asian Connection

Addressing issues in the South Asian community. Join me as I talk to Anika Sharma and Nehal Tenany of the Woke Desi Podcast. We touch upon issues such as South Asian identity, mental health, and stigmatized topics in the South Asian community. These women are all about breaking barriers with addressing topics such as colorism, […]

My Conversation with Indian Matchmaking star Ravi Guru Singh

indian matchmaking

I sit down with Indian Matchmaking star Ravi Guru Singh to explore deeper issues around self-esteem, identity, and love. For those of you who saw the Indian Matchmaking show probably had an opinion on Guru. Reality television only shows us a snapshot of who a person is and can often take things out of context […]

Suicide Prevention Amongst Muslim Adolescents

suicide prevention

Goals of Suicide Prevention Presentation- To help mental health providers conceptualize the treatment of Muslim adolescents who are presenting with suicidal ideation. Identify elements or factors that may be present in Islamic schools, Muslim communities, and Muslim families that may worsen suicidality in adolescents. To conceptualize potential resources for Islamic schools, Muslim communities, and Muslim […]

Beyond Color

We go beyond color with Zavel Philip, is a licensed professional counselor and licensed drug and alcohol counselor. Join me as I talk to her about racism, being an ally and mental health. She shares her insights on being a mental health provider and her work around racism in her personal and professional life.  Check […]


Let’s talk about sleep issues during Coronavirus. Have you been having trouble sleeping during quarantine? Is it hard to stay sleep throughout the night? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are not alone. Many people have reported having issues related to sleep over these past few months. Issues with sleep […]