Coping with Coronavirus

Stay calm- Try to focus on positive things rather than spend all your time worrying and feeling anxious Stay informed- make sure you have the most accurate information about the virus through CDC and WHO websites Take precautions- wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing Seek […]

Stress and Self-Care

There are times when you become stressed out and overwhelmed with everything going on in your life. You are always multi-tasking and playing several roles in your life, maybe including employee, student, parent, caretaker, sibling, child and friend. Experiencing stress is totally normal but very few of us know how to effectively manage it. This […]

Benefits Of Being Mindful

Stop what you are doing and do the following exercise. I promise it won’t take more than a minute and you will learn something about yourself. Sit in a comfortable position in a room where you will not be distracted by sounds. Use a watch or stopwatch to time yourself. Begin timing yourself without looking […]